What is Creative Coaching?

Creativity Coaching Is?

A unique way of helping which empowers, guides and assists people to become the conscious decision makers in their own creative life.


It's not teaching and it's not psychology, but solution-focused and future-focused. It's an important conversation between two people where all the focus is on one person and what they want to achieve via coaching, what's getting in their way from achieveing those intentions and their future hopes for themselves.

With my experienced guidance you’ll take simple, yet incredibly effective, proactive steps to move away from your current unsatisfying situation towards your desired hopes.

How Can it Help You?

Being a creative has plenty of challenges, such as blocks, self-doubt, anxiety, fear-of-failure, career dilemmas, isolation, marketplace concerns and other difficulties that interfere with getting your creative work done. I specialise in understanding these challenges to better support you in exploring your current resources and future hopes - helping you to look forward and use your own strengths to achieve your intentions.

You will progress through continuous improvements and small proactive steps where you will move away from dissatisfaction towards dreaming big, thinking hard and manifesting your highest potential.

My Approach?

I create the right conditions to find you inner motivator, guide you through the change process to create new habits that catalyse personal happiness, fulfilment and renewed hope.

My approach is client centred which combines solution-focused questioning, cognitive behavioural psychology, coaching techniques, modern research … and it works!

You’ll be given a vast array of tools, skills and insights that I will help you to utilise in order to achieve your ideal creative growth without compromise.



Read more on my 1:1 Creativity Coaching page and let the adventure begin.

Angela Terris