My Best Nine of 2018 on Instagram


Here they are! My most liked posts on Instagram for 2018. I’m always curious to see what people have liked, or not. It seems turquoise has been one of my go-to colours for 2018, with pinks and blues still being popular from 2017 (see bottom photo).

A new colour I had introduced into my palette was coral red to help warm up those blues I am automatically drawn to.

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I was so pleased to see my quick Sunday morning sketch of crows has been popular too. Drawing animals isn’t usually my thing, but how can I resist when there are very noisy crows living in my garden trees keeping me company as I work. I hope to draw more of them in 2019.

Here’s my best nine on Instagram for 2017.


I wonder what 2019 will be like for my art-making, how it will develop and the themes that I may be drawn to?

Angela Terris