Inside Creativity Coaching - 40 Case Studies from around the world.

I am excited to announce that Inside Creativity Coaching - 40 Case Studies from around the world has been published by Routledge and is now available on Amazon to buy.

This wonderful book, curated by Eric Maisel, is a collection of essays describeing their work with creative clients in this first-ever case study examination of the art and practice of creativity coaching.


These rich narratives examine how creativity coaches work with writers, painters, musicians, craftspeople, and other creatives on issues such as motivation, procrastination, blockage, and performance and career anxiety. Packed with concrete tools and techniques, the book draws on inspirational success stories from across the globe to help coaches better understand and serve their creative clients. It will be a valuable resource to creativity coaches, coaches interested in developing a specialty, and creatives and performing artists looking to overcome their challenges.

Covering a diverse range of disciplines, Inside Creativity Coaching is a must-have book for both aspiring and experienced creativity coaches, and anyone interested in helping creatives - Eric Maisel.


A sneak peak into my chapter.

Feeling ‘not good enough’ is something I hear a lot when I am in conversation with creatives. If I could strike those three words from the English language I would! They create so much self- doubt and being creative can be hard enough without the added pressure we put on ourselves. Hence, my focus on this topic, at the end of the essay I share six practical tips on how to alleviate its impact to create with confidence.


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Angela Terris