In Unleashing the Artist Within, breaking through blocks and restoring creative purpose, creativity coaches around the world share their creative excersises to help clients unlock their creative power. Employing anecdotes and real-life case studies to explain how they help clients work through their realities of the process, push past everyday resistance, restore lost meaning, recover from dashed hopes, manage the daily grind, and so much more. Painters, writers, actors, dancers, and musicians will all benefit from these coaches experience.

Angela Terris, contributing author.

Release date, March 30th 2020


In Inside Creativity Coaching, 40 creativity coaches from around the world describe their work with creative clients in this first-ever case study examination of the art and practice of creativity coaching. Curated by one of America’s foremost creativity coaches, these rich narratives examine how creativity coaches work with writers, painters, musicians, craftspeople, and other creatives on issues such as motivation, procrastination, blockage, and performance and career anxiety.

Packed with concrete tools and techniques, the book draws on inspirational success stories from across the globe to help coaches better understand and serve their creative clients. It will be a valuable resource to creativity coaches, coaches interested in developing a specialty, and creatives and performing artists looking to overcome their challenges. Covering a diverse range of disciplines, Inside Creativity Coaching is a must-have book for both aspiring and experienced creativity coaches, and anyone interested in helping creatives.

Angela Terris, contributing author.


It’s not polite to talk about money. Everyone else is doing better than me. Success means earning six-figures. It’s impossible to make a living as an artist. Having a ’day job’ means I’m not a ’real artist’.

Tired of the misconceptions and secrecy surrounding the world of creativity and commerce, Elinor Trier invited 29 working artists and creatives to lift the lid on their financial lives and share the truth of how they make money.

Covering subjects such as money shame, mindset shifts, success (and failure), and income reports, this book explores the unvarnished reality of making a living as an artist.

Angela Terris, contributing author.