Confidence Coaching for Creatives


Helping You Make Bolder, Braver Choices In Your Creative Work And Lifestyle.


Let's Be Honest Being A Creative Can Be Scary At Times.

Like sharing your work unsure of the reaction you will get, trying to find your stand-out style or wanting to turn your hobby into a business - it can all rob of us our natural confidence, leaving us in an unfamiliar situation - one where we no longer feel certain of our abilities and get the outcome we want.

It Has it’s Own Unique Challenges ... But You Don't Have To Do It Alone.

I've been helping people build their creative confidence for over 15 years and I've worked with many creatives who tell me that something has knocked them off-course and they want to get back on track.

Now I'd like to personally guide you to your most confident, creative self in my 90 days Creative Confidence Coaching Package.


Whats included in the coaching package? 

  • Six one to one Internet call with Angela every two week where you will have her undivided attention concentrating on you and your hopes for your creative practice.

  • Keep on track in-between sessions via e-mail for continued support, clarity and awesome motivation.

  • Written highlighted notes from the session covering the key points for you to print out and pin up as a reminder.

  • Insightful tools, playsheets, resources as required to help you achieve your intentions quickly, with lasting results.

  • experience an empowering process that increase your confidence in yourself and creativity.

  • tried and tested mind-expanding excercise which I use in my Confidence coaching practice to help you make positive progress.

  • once your e gob the rough the coaching experience you will be able to use the tools and techniques whenever you need to create real momentum. 

The Creative Confidence Coaching Package Is For You If:

- You've suffered a setback and now you need to re-ignite your self-belief.

- There are things you know you've been avoiding or want to take on if only you could build up your confidence to do it.

- Want to shake things up a bit as things have become stagnant leaving you demotivated and you want to feel that old excitement again.

- You're finding that you're confident in some areas but your confidence seems to have deserted you in one specific area, like trying out a new style, negotiating a better fee or finding new collaborators.

- Want to make money from your creativity but worried it won't work out and need self-assurance to get focused, find direction and succeed.


the 8 C’s of Confidence
to help you Thrive as a creative

Visioning what you want and finding the Direction and focus to get you there.

Upskilling, learning, knowing.

Face fears, discover obstacles, tackle negativity.

Time management, productivity and accountability and motivation.


Stress management and setting clear boundaries

Assertiveness and asking for what you want.

Support from - peers, mentors, customers, family.

Be proud of being a creative, own it!

Be optimistic about your future.


 "I had such an epiphany of a deeper understanding of my mission and purpose of doing what I do” - Emma

"You gave me time and space to explore my confidence and where I wanted to go next” - Sally 


About your Coach

Angela Terris is an artist, book author/illustrator and creativity coach with a background in creative business, non-profit art organisations and psychology.

She now draws on her experience and knowledge to coach creatives to be bolder and braver in their artistic choices. She works mainly with individuals and creative businesses to develop calm, clear confidence in fulfilling their creative potential.

Angela trained at Chelsea School of Art in London and set up her first creative business at the age of twenty-two. She is best known for her book illustration, uplifting paintings and passion for supporting creatives.

“I'm committed to your creative growth, increased confidence and raising aspirations”



How does it work?

The process is super-simple! As soon as you sign-up below I will give you access to my online dairy to book-in our first session where we can get started right away. 

What we will do?

Together we will create a personal road map which helps you move forward with confidence. You will have support and guidance between where you are to where you want to be.

What is coaching?

Coaching isn't teaching and not psychology but an empowering middle ground which is all about giving yourself permission, time and space to prioritise and focus on your creative growth and/or creative business.

What do I do?

My job is to support you from where you are to where you want to be. I will hold you accountable and be your cheerleader.

Whats uour qualifictaions?


“By far, coaching with Angela was the best thing I have done all year!” - Rob

"The process gave me a structure to organise myself, set goals and focus on what to do next”- Beatrice


The Creative Confidence Package

Let's Spark Your Imagination, Deal With Specific Obstacle And Find Your Creative Confidence.

Cost £1200.00 for 90 days coaching with Angela.

Tap into Angela’s experience in mindset training and behavioural science to make lasting changes.

 Creatives who THRIVE need ..

to feel safe and secure, wether finacially or belonging.

positve emotional connection and support

valuing self and talents, skills, contribution.

face challenges

do work that is meanigful and gives personal puroose

self-reliance … anotonimity and control

assertiveness and vlear boundaries

stress managment

express themselves wothout fear fo censorship

good helath and wellbeing,