Want to THRIVE as a creative?

These services and products have been designed specifically with you in mind. I am passionate about helping you have more confidence and optimism about your creative future.


Confidence Coaching with Angela

With my undivided attention you will gain more courage, determination, motivation and clarity to move forward as a thriving, productive creative.


Goal Mapping For Creative Success Online Program

Learn How To Take Your Creativity To New And Exciting Places In These 5 Simple Steps.

Plan your next creative growth with this online course in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace.

Get clear on what your next step will be and focused on the important tasks that will bring the greatest rewards.


Workshop - Goal Mapping For Creative Success.

Get a group of your creative friends together or are you an organisation who would like me to run this workshop for you then get in touch for more details.



From Coaching.

"I think by far working with Angela this year has been the best thing I have done." 

“The questions you asked by helped me brainstorm possibilities and to envision what I really want." 

"If it wasn't for you I would have had a meltdown by now.”

 "Angela really got me, she really understood me and where I was coming from.”

"The process gave me a structure to organise myself, set goals and focus on what to do next".

"There were several 'light bulb' moments and a huge excitement about how to proceed."

"I had such an epiphany of a deeper understanding of my mission and purpose of doing what I do.” 

"You gave me time and space to explore my confidence and where I wanted to go next." 

"I honestly can’t thank you enough for your precious time! That was the best gift ever.”

"I now have a clear business plan mapped out and have more self-confidence in myself to achieve what I want to achieve". 

From Workshops And Training.

“We are writing to express our gratitude for your amazing work. All of the staff involved were hugely impressed with your enthusiasm and professionalism throughout this project. The attendees responses speak for themselves; the depth of learning and positive impact has been incredible. The sessions were very well thought out. The pace, delivery and content kept everyone engaged and involved throughout. Thank you”.

“It’s so nice to just play and enjoy yourself, I don’t often get the chance.”

"Angela was fantastic. Very friendly and always explained things in simple terms."

"Very knowledgable and always helped me when I got stuck."

'Thanks Angela, after you expert tuition on the social media course our blog is looking fab!!!'

'It's all useful information, thank you for such a super day.'

“Thank you for a brilliant course. If any similar courses are offered in the future I would be very interested in attending them”

'I just wanted to thank you again for the workshops we came to last week. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and we're able to share our new skills with other people.  See you next time!'