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From Confidence for Creatives

I felt frozen in fear, self doubt, wondering what I was thinking being an artist or dreaming of doing this for a living and how none of those things were going to become a reality.

I now have so many realizations about who I am, how I work, and what I yearn. I can focus on and pursue with so much more confidence. I have learned to take baby steps in order to stop or hold off the procrastination.

I now have better self belief, confidence and understanding more of who I am and the how’s and why’s of the things I do.

I have also learned to give myself permission to be my own personal cheerleader. I loved the question that you asked about how I would tell someone else that felt the same fears I had and it made me realize, I need to take my own advice. Easier said than done but having this brought to light through your coaching lesson really helped me see it. I think more than anything you helped me with a change in perspective. That one word (perspective) plays such a huge role in living a life of joy, passion, purpose, etc.
— Jenny Parry, Artist

Before our sessions I was aware that something was not working but had not worked out how much this had affected me. My creativity had moved from initial free and joyful therapy into a phase I was not enjoying. My energy was sapped by  my own perceived need to ‘be professional’.

You gave me time and a safe space to identify the issue with my art and explore where I wanted to take it next. There were several ‘light bulb ‘ moments that motivated me to really commit to the process and make goals that I felt confident were achievable.

I now have a sense of achievement around what we had found out during the session and a huge excitement about how to proceed.
— Coaching Client, Mixed Media Artist

"Intelligent. Creative. Big-hearted. Solutions-focussed. Inquisitive. Playful. Compassionate. A twinkle in the eye. Doer. These are just some of the words that come to mind when I think of Angela.

I have been honoured to witness her gifts as a creative and artist - and also as a woman who can intently listen, observe, innovate and find her way through the foggiest of fogs to the hidden rainbow at the other end. I can feel in my bones that with this magical combination of unique skills and experience, along with her infectious spark and passion, that Angela's clients are in for an incredible ride on their creative and passion-fueled journeys."

Naomi Arnold, Business + Life Passion Coach at www.naomiarnold.com

"I think by far working with Angela this year has been the best thing I have done as an artist and photographer. I've felt supported, encouraged and had lots of ideas and suggestions given to me on how to move forward as an artist which have all worked.

However, the most important and positive part of all of the process for me personally is that I've felt safe and comfortable in opening up about my work to Angela, which has made moving forward really easy. This is down to her really likable personality and genuinely caring and wanting to help nature. She's also an artist in her own rights and so I always got the feeling I was talking to someone who understood where I was coming from. I have a lot to thank her for.

If anyone in the future is considering working with Angela and has any doubts I'd be quite happy for them to have my contact details and to speak with them personally."

Ray Gumbley, Fine Art Photographer at www.raygumbleyphotography.com

I booked coaching sessions as I felt I needed help with lack of confidence in myself as an artist and desired to find out more about the potential to look at a more creative career/project.

The coaching process helped me to order my thoughts more effectively. It challenged my thinking and gave me some structure to match my thoughts and organise them.

By the end of our time together I felt more comfortable with my creative skills, and more at ease with the idea of being an artist - though I still have a way to go with that. I know myself a little more though.

Angela is focused, compassionate, excellent at listening - but seeing through ‘talk’ and pulling out the salient and important parts and questioning them. She is very incisive and the combination of counselling skills and passion for creativity work excellently together. Thank you so much.
— Claire Wolfe, Aspiring Creative.

"When I started coaching with Angela I felt overwhelmed with what was happening in my life and struggling with what was important. It was really helpful to talk through my ideas and have someone help me think about things that are the most important at the time and not worry and compare myself with other artists.

Angela is a delightful and very creative lady, she asked me interesting questions which helped me put things into perspective. She listens to everything I said and soon responded to my individual needs and ignited my creativity, helping me feel refreshed and focused again. I certainly would recommend Angela without hesitation."

Kate Smith, Illustrator at www.katesmithdesigns.com
Kate Smith Designs Photo.jpg

Thank you for everything you have done for me during the last few months, I really appreciate it and it’s been a real pleasure working with you again. You have helped me to focus on what needs to be done and when. I’ve really enjoyed it!
— Chris Mitchel, Arts Coordinator.

Before I started coaching with Angela I hadn’t created for myself in 10 years. I was very busy being creative for everyone else but for myself, nothing. I had a huge creative block and felt very disconnected every time I tried to put pen to paper.

Coaching helped me understand why creating for myself was so important to me. That being creative is who I am as a person, it’s in my DNA. Having someone to support and guide me back to my own artwork has been fantastic, someone supporting me when creative anxiety raised it’s ugly head.

I now have a lovely space with all my art materials around me, it’s so inspiring. I regularly block out time in my dairy just for me to paint, play and experiment. Life is so much richer now I am back creating for myself. I feel like me again.
— Coaching Client, Digital Tutor.

Where I was with my art before we talked was I was feeling discouraged because my sales had dropped off and I needed clarity of where to go and what to focus on.

The process helped me to start thinking about some of the underlying feelings and issues that were making me feel discouraged.

My biggest revelation so far after our talk is that all this stress I am putting on myself to create and sell art is because I want to be able to consider myself an artist. If I can give myself the permission to call myself an artist then maybe I can quit pushing myself so hard. 

The session helped me to think through what I want and what it would look like if things were to go the way I dream they could be. Asking the questions that you asked by helping me brainstorm possibilities and help me envision what I really want was what helped me uncover some of the reasons for my stress and disappointment.
— Sarah Jonson , Painter

You are a great listener! Instead of feeling like you were there to give me advice, you walked me through learning so much about myself by having me answer out loud all of your amazing questions. The way you helped me see myself in a new light helped tremendously. I don’t know how to put this into words but the way you guided me was so gentle, kind, and sincere. Your passion for helping other creatives shows through the way you handled this coaching session. I will always be one of your biggest fans and promoter for sure! Plus we had a lovely time laughing and talking. You were very easy and comfortable to talk to about myself. It is not always easy to speak about oneself to another, especially someone you just met via Skype and you made this entire session feel so comfortable, relaxing and lovely. Thank you!
— Maggie Baxter, Mixed media

From workshops and training

“We are writing to express our gratitude for your amazing work. All of the staff involved were hugely impressed with your enthusiasm and professionalism throughout this project. The attendees responses speak for themselves; the depth of learning and positive impact has been incredible. The sessions were very well thought out. The pace, delivery and content kept everyone engaged and involved throughout the activities. Thank you”.

“It’s so nice to just play and enjoy yourself, I don’t often get the chance.”

"The trainer was fantastic. Very friendly and always explained things in simple terms."

"Very knowledgable and always helped me when I got stuck."

'Thanks Angela, after you expert tuition on the social media course our blog is looking fab!!!'

'It's all useful information, thank you for such a super day.'

“Thank you for a brilliant course. If any similar courses are offered in the future I would be very interested in attending them”

'I just wanted to thank you again for the workshops we came to last week. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and we're able to share our new skills with other people.  See you next time!'