Angela Terris
Angela Terris
Artist, Writer-Illustrator and Creativity Coach

Maker of expressive Paintings + confidence boosting tools for the creative Adventurer.


Expressive abstract and landscapes paintings

Decorate your personal or work space in a way that reflects your personality and lifestyle.


Creativity Coaching with Angela

Be bolder, be braver in your creative choices with these confidence boosting sessions. You will get my personal attention supporting you to believe you can do this!


Goal Mapping for Creative Success Online Program

Learn how to take your creativity to new and exciting places In these 5 simple steps - available end September.



Angela Terris is a fine artist and writer-illustrator best known for her expressive art and online coaching programs.

Angela has illustrated over twenty books and written articles on creativity for three publications. Some of her clients have included Liberty London, Scholastic Publishing, Next Clothing and QUAD arts organisation.

She is a trained creativity coach and works primarily with individuals and independent businesses helping them develop calm, clear confidence to productively thrive.

Angela lives and works in the UK.